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Yoni Steam also known as V-Steam, Vaginal Steam, V-Jay Jay Steam, Vjaycial, is just like giving yourself a facial except it is done on your Royal parts (vagina). We offer an array of signature V-steam blends formulated to address the individual needs of our clients! Don't forget to inquire about our Sauna Detox Blanket!! Loose inches while relaxing you will love, love, love it!💖

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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

V.O.W mission is to empower women to direct their energy into something positive, while striving to live a holistic, healthier lifestyle. Yoni Steam is a natural, and gentle approach to vaginal steaming. This form of hydrotherapy utilizes herbal infusions from mother earth into a warm bath that you sit over and allow the reproductive system to relax, release, reset & revive. Thus, allowing your natural juices to flow stronger & better!

We also offer Infrared Sauna Detox services which mimics the healing power of the sun 🌞 to detox the body, relax the mind 💆‍♀️, boost your mood 💃, burn 🔥 calories, and promote glowing skin. You will feel blissed, buzzed & beautiful after one sweat session - like you just spent a day in nature. 



Natural products are the best & safest alternative!

Mini Hydrotherapy Treatment (Yoni Steam)

Womb Ecstasy! 

Relax, release, reset & revive with a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment, customized herb blend for your body's specific needs!

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Paint & Yoni Steam

Individual Paint & Steam

Paint & Steaming is a whole new vibe! Enjoy the pleasure of relaxing your womb while you paint. No occasion needed. Experience a higher level of ecstasy while you paint & steam.

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Sisterhood Sip & Yoni Steam Party

Laughter with your girls!

Do you have a special occasion coming up such as birthday, bridal event or just want to have a great girl's night out? Host a Yoni Day Party, small group up to 4 women!

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Sisterhood Paint & Yoni Steam Party

An experience you will not forget!

Paint & Steaming is a whole new vibe! Paint and Steam with your girls! No occasion needed. Experience a higher level of ecstasy while you paint. Host a Yoni Day Party, up to 4 women! 

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Detox Sauna Blanket *Hour*

Detox your mind, body & spirit!

Infrared Sauna Blanket, provides targeted heat therapy to loosen up achy muscles which improves blood circulation, reduce hypertension while prompting better sleep, decrease stress, decreases pain, increase weight loss,  & promote glowing skin.

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Detox Sauna Blanket *30 min* 

Quick fix!

Infrared Sauna Blanket, provides targeted heat therapy to loosen up achy muscles which improves blood circulation, reduce hypertension while prompting better sleep, decrease stress, decreases pain, increase weight loss, & promote glowing skin.

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Castor Oil/Tranquility Rice Pack

Internal Wellness!

Stomach pains, easing achy stomach muscles, improve circulation & blood flow to the reproductive system. Your session includes organic castor oil with tranquility rice pack application.

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Loving ❤️ Me Package

Total Vibe!

Relax, Release, Reset & Revive! Request four consistent wellness sessions for 1 month. (cannot alternate with other sessions)

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Your consultation is all about helping you find your personal path to good health!

Included in consultation: discussion of your current womb health and a roadmap to ultimate womb wellness in a private consultation with a Yoni Specialist. In the practice of yoni steaming, there are always many different potential solutions for any given problem, but the best is the one you are most motivated to enact. During your session, you and your specialist will work out a course of action you can get excited about and feel confident in!


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Wellness Spa Treatment

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Are you ready to experience a relax, release, reset & revive spa day??????? 

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Natural products are the best & safest alternative!

Garden of Herbs Yoni Blend

Treat yourself and create a space for blissful relaxation with our Organic Garden of Herbs Yoni Steaming blends. It’s so empowering to be able to self care, relax, and heal yourself naturally with herbs from the earth! Our blends are helpful for heavy menstrual bleeding, infertility, vaginal dryness, PCOS, painful cycles, rejuvenating the vulva, relaxing the muscles, nourishing the womb, increasing blood flow (heightens arousal), and menopause symptoms (4 oz. @ $18.00+shipping)

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Travel Sauna V-Steam Stool

Travel Sauna V-Steam Stool is available! You can relax in the comfort of your home, in a serene location, or about just anywhere you want!!!($150.00 DOESN'T include shipping varies off of zip code contact for accurate price)

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Tranquility Rice Pack 

Microwavable Tranquility rice pack!! Holds both heat & cold. It’s soothing, cozy & warm. Tranquility rice pack reduces menstrual pain, lessens the pain of fibroids, endometrial tissue, and stimulate circulatory system. ($15.00+shipping)

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Castor Oil  

Combining castor oil, and tranquility rice pack allows the healing properties to work their magic quickly and efficiently. Using this combination on your lower abdomen/reproductive organs can improve circulation & blood flow to the reproductive system. (16 oz. bottles @ $15.00+shipping)

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What our customers write about us

What you write here is up to you.

D'Ava Solomon


Sis Royalty is the true definition of healer. Through light and love she has introduced the community to natural and spiritual healing through love of self! I have used her both her yoni and sauna detox services and each time it has been spiritually, emotionally, and physically uplifting! The environment she creates is one of peace that EVERYONE must experience. I will keep going back again and again and again and recommend any and everyone else to do the same!

Lavette S


Faith Sanders Faith was punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I am a medical provider and I was skeptical, but now I am raving to my friends and plan to go again soon..

Beverly Davis


This was my 1st opportunity to experience a Yoni Steam and a Sauna Blanket Detox. What an amazing experience. Reayna is such a sweet and caring Spirit. I highly recommend these services and plan to be a repeat customer.

Sistah Susan


The tranquility pack was great! I used it for my back and knee pain. Once I laid the pack on my areas of pain, it immediately seeped into my pores and eased the pain. I absolutely love this product, and highly recommend it to those who have issues with your tummy, as well as areas of inflammation.

Keetha Colson


Reayna is very formative and will be there every step of the way for your needs. I purchased a tranquility pack from her and it was just that! It was tranquil and soothing for my stomach. I WILL be using it on other areas.

Mani G


Suchhh a great experience! Mrs. Reayna is the most gentle and kind woman i have had the pleasure of meeting. This is definitely the place i would recommend for women interesting in getting more in tune with their womanhood. Loved it!

Jada B.


I’m in LOVE with these tranquility packs. They’re comfortable to go to sleep with and help very much...

Brittany H 


Reayna Sanders I feel absolutely amazing! So peaceful and I felt the healing beginning. I so much peace after that one session I cannot wait to do it again. I have one of my friends booking soon too!



I am so beyond excited about this book and to start this journey!!!! I have already started on Day 1 and I love it!!! Targeting specifics for women!!!



From the front cover to the back this journal is captivating and welcoming. Faith Sanders has used her anointing and creativity not only to give the reader revaluation but also to provide thought provoking illustrations throughout the journal. This is definitely a must have for any woman on their journey to total wholeness. 



What can I say about V.O.W except WOW. Customer Service is 💯. Atmosphere is very tranquil, relaxing and peaceful. The detox sauna blanket is a must, especially if you're having some respiratory issues. It will definitely help you sweat it out and open you up. I felt much better afterwards, renewed and my skin was definitely glowing. It's a must try 🤩. Thank you Faith for making my first experience 💯. I will definitely be back.  


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